Why Buy From The Edge?


  • Whether it's ensuring the right fit, expert advice on what brand or style best suits your diving needs, or fine tuning and assembling your equipment, we will take all the time you need to ensure you are happy and ready to use your gear.

  • If you have any questions or problems with your purchase, we are here to help you 363 days a year.


  • The equipment we carry in our store is tested and recommended by our staff, instructors and divemasters.
  • If for whatever reason your newly purchased item does not work the way it was intended, we will work with you and our suppliers to rectify the problem.


  • Service / parts for new equipment is often under warranty, saving you money.
  • Some of our products have a lifetime limited warranty as long as you are the original owner. Warranties are often only available on products purchased from a local dive shop. Bring it to us and we will take care of it. The same product purchased online would not have this warranty or the personalized service available at your local dive shop.


  • Saving money by buying used or through the Internet may make sense when you are talking about a new couch. However, when you are talking about equipment that is your life support underwater, cutting corners can be costly later.

Support Your Local Dive Shop!

  • We get involved in local environment and community projects and are always looking to improve and encourage diving in BC.
  • Without your support, we could not survive.

The staff at The Edge Diving Centre sincerely thanks you for your business and your support!